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About Shera

Shera, an Amharic word for canvas, is a digital marketplace for professional and amateur photographers, graphic designers, digital artists, and painters, as well as art lovers and collectors. Shera aims to simplify the art buying process for both the buyer and the artist by doing all the work that comes with promoting, printing, inventory management, store management, and logistics. Shera also has a broader vision of fostering a sense of community within the art scene in Addis Ababa and beyond. To bring this vision to reality, Shera will coordinate and host various events including workshops, pop-up art sales events, and prepare knowledge-sharing opportunities.

Shera is created and managed by Firma Media and Communications PLC, a company specializing in providing documentation and communication services. Firma is dedicated to dignifying the Ethiopian image. Shera is a subscription-based platform where photographers and artists who represent Ethiopia beautifully and with dignity enhance their visibility and marketability. For the finishing touch, Shera does the work of making featured works of art home- or office-ready through high-end framing.

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Photo: Devotion by Abel Gashaw