Fill your information, create an account and upload your works.


We’ll go through your information, select your works, prepare mockups, pricing and design a custom page for you.


Share with your fans and followers and put your custom link in your bio. 


Login to your dashboard, monitor your sales, and get paid!


We use a transparent calculation for all artists and artworks. See our detailed breakdown below.


Our support team helps you how to better market yourself and provides non-intrusive suggestions for your artworks. 


Your custom dashboard is where you’ll monitor your artworks, sales and profit.


Print, framing, handling and shipping can be tough work, that’s why we do it for you. We print, frame, pack and send all of your items direct to the customer. Our team works hard to make sure your followers are happy throughout the whole process.

Marketing Tips

We’re here to help refine & define the process behind selling more stuff. Through our support center you have direct access to the Shera community of artists, and a ton of insights behind their success.

Buyer Data

You get the full information of who bought your artworks, which you can use for your future communication.


Shera, Amharic word for canvas, is a digital marketplace for professional and amateur photographers, graphic designers, digital artists, and painters, as well as art lovers and collectors. Shera aims to simplify the art buying process for both the buyer and the artist by doing all the work that comes with promoting, printing, inventory management, store management, and logistics. Shera also has a broader vision of fostering a sense of community within the art scene and cultivating local art appreciation in Addis Ababa and beyond. To bring this vision to reality, Shera will coordinate and host various events including workshops, pop-up art sales events, and prepare knowledge-sharing opportunities.

Shera is created and managed by FIRMA Media and Communications PLC, a company specializing in providing multimedia documentation and communications services. FIRMA is dedicated to dignifying the Ethiopian image. Shera is a subscription-based platform where photographers and artists who represent Ethiopia beautifully and with dignity enhance their visibility and marketability. To ignite the love of local art and to increase access to it, Shera provides high-end framing service that makes beautiful, home-grown art home- or office-ready.


Qualification Process

We have two major categories into which you, as an artist, can be approved and qualify to take part in Shera. If approved, the first category you can qualify into is our ‘professional’ category; these are seasoned artists whose work and repute is extensive. The second category includes a wide range of creative artists who engage in phone photography, photo hobbyists, and amateurs, and aims to give a platform for artists who are coming up in their career. ‘Professional‘ artists should posses at least 8 years of experience as a full-time artist and will be labeled ‘featured‘ on the website. Professional artists also earn 50% more on each artwork sale than their counterparts.

We begin our approval and qualification process by having the artist and their work evaluated by our independent evaluation team. Our evaluation team weighs various factors and attributes in making their decision. Once an artist has been qualified, they can start featuring their works on the website and have the full support of Shera.

Digital Copies

Once an artist is qualified, we receive high-quality digital copies of their featured pieces as selected by the artist themselves.

Shera will not sell digital copies to limit unauthorized distribution. Shera also takes multi-layered approach to ensure the utmost security of artworks while storing, printing, and framing.

Custom Pages

Shera is not just here to sell artists’ works, but also to tell your story and increase your visibility. Each artist will have their own artist’s page with a unique URL (shera.et/artist/artist-name) where their bio, links to their social media handles, and more are featured among their items for sale. If an artist has been featured in the docu-series Shera will produce to identify creatives and highlight their creative process, that video will also be embedded on the artist’s page.


Transparency is a matter we take seriously. When you share your work with us, we want to make sure you feel secure and comfortable. We give each artist a secure, back-end dashboard account where they will see which of their items have been viewed, which have been sold, and funds waiting to be claimed.


Before making the artist’s page live, we create mockups of your pieces with numerous framing and print options. Shera does the leg work all the way from getting your page setup to logistics, sales, delivery, and analytics. All you have to do is securely share your digital files with us.



Subscription Packages


Birr 100 Per Artwork
  • 3 Months Subscription
  • (Billed every 3 months)
  • Minimum 3 Items (300 Birr)


Birr 70 Per Artwork
  • 6 Months Subscription
  • (Billed every 6 months)
  • Minimum 10 Items (700 Birr)


Birr 50 Per Artwork
  • 1 year Subscription
  • (Billed annualy)
  • Minimum 20 Items (1,000 Birr)


The artist will earn 70% of the net-profit from each piece. Shera takes a commission of 30% of that net profit. From the total selling price (note that this is not entirely net-profit but simply the price tag), featured artists receive 38% while non-professional artists earn nearly 31%. The rest goes expenses like printing, framing, and delivery. Here’s our detailed cost breakdown.

Artists’ Earning

Featured (Professionals)

Size (W X H)Total ExpenseProfit Margin (150%)Tax (10%)Selling price (Rounded up)Artist’s Share
(70%)Shera’s Share
40CM X 30CMETB 1488.50ETB 2250.00ETB 373.85ETB 4150.00ETB 1575.00ETB 675.00
40CM X 40CMETB 2082.00ETB 3150.00ETB 523.20ETB 5800.00ETB 2205.00ETB 945.00
40CM X 60CMETB 2148.90ETB 3250.00ETB 539.89ETB 5950.00ETB 2275.00ETB 975.00
80CM X 60CMETB 3436.30ETB 5200.00ETB 863.63ETB 9500.00ETB 3640.00ETB 1560.00
80CM X 80CMETB 5821.00ETB 8750.00ETB 1457.10ETB 16050.00ETB 6125.00ETB 2625.00
120CM X 80CMETB 5383.60ETB 8100.00ETB 1348.36ETB 14850.00ETB 5670.00ETB 2430.00


Size (W X H)Total ExpenseProfit Margin (100%)Tax (10%)Selling pice (Rounded up)Artist’s Share
(70%) (Rounded up)Shera’s Share
40CM X 30CMETB 1488.50ETB 1488.50ETB 238.85ETB 3300.00ETB 1050.00ETB 450.00
40CM X 40CMETB 2082.00ETB 2082.00ETB 416.40ETB 4650.00ETB 1470.00ETB 630.00
40CM X 60CMETB 2148.90ETB 2148.90ETB 429.78ETB 4750.00ETB 1505.00ETB 645.00
80CM X 60CMETB 3436.30ETB 3436.30ETB 687.26ETB 7600.00ETB 2415.00ETB 1035.00
80CM X 80CMETB 5821.00ETB 5821.00ETB 1164.20ETB 12850.00ETB 4095.00ETB 1755.00
120CM X 80CMETB 5383.60ETB 5383.60ETB 1078.36ETB 11900.00ETB 3780.00ETB 1620.00

  • Total Expense: Expenses that go in to every order. Specifically, printing on high quality polyproplene paper, framing, delivery
  • Profit Margin: Net Profit that will later be divided between the artist and Shera
  • Tax: 10% Turn Over Tax
  • Selling Price: Price buyers will see
  • Artist’s Share: Payable to the Artist
  • Shera’s Share: Shera’s commission

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