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Beyond creating a digital marketplace for visual artists, Shera aims to be an archive and documentation service. Hence, each artist is required to offer full information about their work and themselves. Here is the information we require:


Artist Page

Artist Page *Example
Full Name*Abebe Kebede
Custom Username for URL

If left empty, it’ll be
Bio (At least 156 characters)*Abebe Kebede is an Ethiopian based filmmaker and photographer. He started photography at the age 12 and currently works at Firma as lead art director. His works are mostly inspired by contemporary culture and invisible emotions and have been exhibited in Addis, Paris and London.
Profile Image*

(At least 500px X 500px)
Preferably a headshot
• A recent photo
• You should be the only subject in the photo
• Your face should be visible and in focus
• Wear appropriate attire
• Aside from color grading, no filters or effects are allowed
• Avoid logos and/or branding that are prominently visible in your photo
Cover Image*
(At least 1500px X 800px)
This can be one of your featured pieces of art. Avoid images that include logos or branding.
Social Media LinksLet people know where they can find you. See examples below:
Telegram@abebekebede or
Instagram @abebekebede
Video interview
Text interview (URL or Word Document)
*Required information/asset


Each artwork should have necessary information that will help the viewer to understand and identify the piece. Please note that this may be subject to editorial quality control by the Shera team.

Item PageExample
Title*Summer Rain
Description (at least 96 characters)*

Must include location of where the image was taken.
Summer rain is an extremely celebrated holiday in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This photo was taken during my trip in early 2013.
Hi-res image file, renamed exactly as the Title*Summer-rain.jpeg
* Required information/asset

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