Preparing Artworks For Shera

When it comes to getting your artwork ready for printing, there’s a couple of factors to take into account to ensure your artworks print at the highest quality.

In order to make sure your artwork is optimised for printing, it’s vital that you deliver artwork that ticks all the key printing boxes (resolution an, file-type) to our production team before or after registering. For tips on how to get this part right, read on:


The Basics

  • As a standard we offer four dimensions for horizontal and vertical prints, 40CM X 30CM, 40CM X 60CM, 80CM X 60CM, 120CM X 80CM. For square artworks, we use 40CM X 40CM and 80CMx80CM.
  • Canvas prints use 2CM edge on all sides
  • Photographs from phones are printed with 80CM x 60CM or below for clarity.

Once you’ve sent your artworks over, we’ll check each and get back to you if there’s any thing to fix. This step is super important as it helps us ensure that you’re getting the best print quality possible.


How to Send us Your Artworks

  • Upload to a Google Drive/DropBox folder and share us the link via our email or Inbox. Make sure the privacy settings are not set to ‘Restricted’, but ‘Anyone with the Link’
  • Upload to our WeTransfer repository
  • You can also email your high-resolution artwork to



We ask for all print versions of artwork to be high-resolution, or 300dpi. As a quick explainer, dpi stands for ‘dots per inch’, which basically means the amount of detail in an image. Having a 300dpi image will ensure there’s enough detail to keep your print as accurate as possible.

Tip: It’s best not to lift images directly from your social media accounts or website, as these images are usually low quality (typically only 72 dpi) to optimise page loading. Though they look fine on-screen, they will be very blurred and pixelated when printed.

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